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Ad Revenue?

2009-04-17 23:13:37 by Tugler

Oh boy this is going to be great fun!


2009-04-01 19:56:54 by Tugler


A Better April Fools Joke.

2009-04-01 19:49:46 by Tugler

I think that a better and more serious April fools joke would be the confiker virus got the staff and everything was really low quality like they had to go back to the very first newgrounds template ever made.

Blob Collab -- '08.5!

2008-04-27 22:40:26 by Tugler

Me and MtyPenguim might continue the Blob Collab and make another one. I still need him to reply but I'm sure its going to be great because I'm not letting horrible ones in! In other news, I have 3 flash projects :

Extreme Mouse Maze (I think)
/Title explains; really hard

Time Trials (current title)
/Robot from FBI sent to defuse a bomb! Defuse before time runs out and get a spot on the top scores!

Time Traveler (Not official)
/Time traveler uh another time traveler going to try to stop him from making the earth a better place
Related Video to Time Traveler game

/* */
Oh sweet I posted a video.

DJ Runaway...

2008-03-14 23:06:08 by Tugler

So I just got AVG the free edition because everyone is talking about it and using it and saying its so good. So I start the virus scan it's up at about 20000 and it says, I know what that is its the virus thing that messes up your Live Messenger that I never deleted. So it gets up to around 40000 and 2 things come up... It's stuff from DJ Runaway! He sent it to me to help me with my rookie music. Wow, I can't believe he sent me something with a virus. I haven't used it that much so I wont mind deleting it.